Four Simple Ways to Build Trust with your Team

How to build team trust

Daniel McCorry

By: Daniel McCorry – August 2015

It’s not uncommon that a person with all the necessary skills, experience, and capability to qualify as a manager can still fail in building the relationships needed to be a trusted leader. Here’s four small tips you can use yourself and/or pass onto the managers in your organisation to help build the credibility and trust needed to be a truly successful leader…

1/ Don’t struggle through on your own!

If you don’t trust your team to help you, how can you expect them to trust you to help them? If you’re struggling with something it’s a great opportunity to ask for help and, in doing so, empower one (or more) of your team, show them that you trust, respect, and value them, and build that relationship of trust!

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2/ Seek input

Similar to point 1, a great way to show people that you trust them and value their thoughts is to ask for input on work related issues. Aside from anything else, only a fool would assume they know all the answers, so asking for input is a great way of making sure you’re getting the best possible solution AND means your team has a say in what’s going on, which pays BIG Brownie points!

3/ Show interest

Ok, you clearly need to be careful not to be seen a poking your nose in where it’s not wanted, however, showing some genuine interest in your team members’ lives and welfare not only forges strong relationships, it also helps you manage them more effectively by understanding their personalities, their motivations, their preferred management style, etc better.

4/ Show them off

Think of ways to celebrate the ‘wins’ of your team and individual team members, not just within your area but, if possible, to the entire organisation via emails, newsletters, presentations, etc. If you show that you’re proud of them and their achievements, it’ll do wonders for their self-esteem, their engagement levels, and the love of their boss!

It’s not hard to build trust but it’s easy to forget the simple things that can make a big difference – implement the above and that ‘Manager of the Year’ award may be yours!

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