Four Simple Tips to Ensure Workforce Peak Performance

Four Simple Tip for Improving Workforce Performance

Judith Kors

By: Judith Kors – August 2015

There seems to be a million and one metrics for appraising people in the workplace these days but, ultimately, isn’t it performance that really matters?

Now, we’re clearly not saying that the other stuff doesn’t matter and, let’s be honest, the ‘other stuff’ is all there (or should be) to make sure that the organisation is able to perform at it’s very best. But what about when that ‘stuff’ actually has the opposite effect and gets in the way of peak performance…even worse, what if it’s actually affecting performance negatively?

Here’s four nice and simple tips that may help you ensure that your ‘stuff’ is helping your organisation perform as well as possible…

1/ Be strategically dynamic! Business and economic history has shown us that even the mightiest of organisations can be felled if they’re not prepared (and flexible) enough to deal with unexpected change…just look at the events of the Global Financial Crisis for evidence of that. That being said, even in the Great Depression there were organisations that thrived due to being quick to react, flexible enough to change, and strategically dynamic enough to see opportunity in all the chaos!

2/ Build an engaged workforce! It’s simply not enough to employ ‘good’ people and give them training. Truly successful companies empower their workforce to take responsibility for their own development, to have a say in the strategic direction of the organisation, and encourage them to build their own secure future.

3/ Train for Peak Performance! Learning and Development programs shouldn’t just focus on capability development (although that is obviously of great importance) but link it to performance!

4/ Provide Peak Performance Resources! Your workforce may be as capable as any out there but if they lack the resource to perform as the highest level possible they’ll miss the mark. Whether is be machinery, IT systems, transport, and anything else required to get the job done, make sure it’s there for them!

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