Advice for a Brand-New Manager

Advice for a new manager

Leisa Bulow

By: Leisa Bulow – August 2015

Congratulations, you made it! Now what?

I’m sure you are full of excitement and ideas, and can’t wait to get in there and make your mark. Enthusiasm is great, and it is often contagious, but now is also a time to be a little cautious. You want to impress, but the way to do that is with the support of your team, and no hasty mistakes.

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Especially if you were promoted from within the organisation, you probably think you know what needs to be done to “fix all the wrongs”, but you now need to take a step back and look at your ideas with fresh eyes. Are the ideas to the benefit of the business as well as the employees? Are they practical and cost effective? Are there any “quick wins” you can cherry pick from the bunch.

The greatest asset you will have is your staff. Rushing in, guns blazing, will fire up some team members (who you must not then let down), but will frighten others, especially those resistant to change. Encourage employee engagement and input. Look for staff buy-in. Be realistic and offer positive feedback, setting realistic expectations of what you see can be achieved within your effect and reach. Make sure you can deliver what you promise!

Your communication skills will be paramount. You’ve been to the workshops on teamwork and active listening skills – now is the time to review those notes and put those skills into practice!

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Don’t let the new position go to your head. Display authority when required, but treat everyone equally and diplomatically. You must show your entire team, and the powers that be, that you are always impartial and fair. Motivate your team, treat them well, and listen to them carefully. Show them how important they are to the business and help them to understand their contribution to the whole.

Gain a thorough understanding of your own role and make sure you know what is required of you, and set in place measures and reminders to ensure you are doing what is required of you, before you aim too much higher!

You have so much to think about when first getting started – take some time to prioritise and plan. You won’t regret it!

About the Author:

Leisa Bulow is a Learning & Development specialist, with over 25 years’ experience in customer service, sales, training, and leadership and management roles in a diverse range of industries, including retail, banking and finance, government departments and government projects (both state and national), and various corporate private enterprises.

Leisa currently contracts to (or consults in) businesses in her role as a Learning & Development Specialist/Manager and Instructional Designer, providing written and delivered training solutions and online training modules in technical systems training, leadership, customer service, sales, effective communication, team-building, and time management, and other courseware customised to the organisation she is working for.


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