How to Choose the Right Training Professional (Free Tool Included!)

How to choose the right training provider

Kerry Brocks

By: Kerry Brocks – August 2015

Kerry Brocks, founder and CEO of the Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP) is passionate about the L&D industry. She is also aware of its faults and is taking action…

I’m concerned for corporate people who are hiring trainers and not getting results. It’s the reason I started ILP. There are a lot of undertrained trainers, and it’s been a big issue for the past 20 years.

The industry standard of a Certificate IV in TAE is not enough. It has little focus on design, engaging learners and workplace application. People with their Cert IV believe they can train in anything and are generalists rather than specialists.

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I have devised six points to help select the right learning professional:

  1. Currency of professional development. To me, it’s important that trainers continue their professional development in their area of expertise, but also crafting the skills they have.
  2. Industry Experience. The person must have the right industry experience to ensure the content is relevant.
  3. Outcomes achieved as a result of their learning initiative. Too many trainers focus just on the learning event. They should prepare the learners, deliver an engaging and relevant learning initiative and support them to continue their learning and practise. How do they determine the results have been achieved? If ‘happy sheets’ are their only form of evaluation, I’d be looking elsewhere!
  4. Actions for influencing the transfer of learning. What are they going to do to action the application of learning back into the workplace eg: tips for managers to support the learners upon their return, or ongoing coaching.
  5. Examples of work. Look for a) the quality of their work and b) the volume of content. You’re seeking someone who engages the learner, not dumps information.
  6. Testimonials. You’re looking for real and recent testimonials from clients, especially in your industry.

Click on the following link for a free tool that assists in selecting the right training provider – Choosing the right LD Professional

About ILP:

Most trainers are ‘transactional trainers’ – they design, deliver and evaluate the training event. ILP aims to transform them into valuable learning and development professionals. They are involved in analysing L&D needs, creating engaging learning experiences, focussing on outcomes and engaging stakeholders to enhance workplace performance. They look at the whole learning process rather than just the training course, adding real value to corporates heading into the future, which, ultimately is what ILP is all about.

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