Video Interview – How well do you know your L&D clients?

How well do you know your learning and development clients

Sam Russell

By: Sam Russell – September 2015

Recently I was very flattered to be invited to be interviewed by Gerald Pauschmann at an ILP (Institute of Learning Professionals) ‘On the learning couch’ event along with fellow interviewee and subject-matter-expert, James Hanson, Group University Manager for the international engineering firm, Cardno.

It was a fascinating experience with a huge amount discussed, much of which (though I say so myself) I think would be of great interest and value to both internal learning and development/organisational development professionals, as well as external providers.

Given the length of the interview (and the amount of information included), it’s been edited down into five ‘bite-sized chunks’. Here’s Part 1 – I hope you enjoy it and would value any feedback. I’ll be posting Parts 2-5 over the next few days.



About the author:

Sam Russell is the Director of Client Services and Business Development for Rhodes Business School, widely recognised as one of Australia’s leading business and leadership training organisations and a premier sponsor of The Australian L&D Network and Learning Matters Magazine. Click here for more information or call 1300 746 287.

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