Workforce Planning & Development (Networking Session Overview and Free Session Video)

Workforce Planning and Development

Following the fantastic session that Sarah Cordiner delivered for The Australian L&D Network members in Perth on Monday (which received amazing feedback), she’s gone ‘above and beyond’ and provided this article covering the key points and even given our members a free link to her online workshop on the topic (which would normally cost $149 – We respectfully ask that you don’t share this free link outside of this network, as this is Sarah’s livelihood).

We’d like to say a VERY big thank you to Sarah – following several requests from her session attendees for her to deliver again, will certainly be asking her to come back!

We’d also like to say a BIG thank you to Saxons Training Facilities for, once again, generously providing us with the venue – without them, our events wouldn’t happen so please be sure to consider them if you need external training rooms!

Sarah Cordiner 2

By: Sarah Cordiner – September 2015

Thank you for registering to attend ‘Workforce Planning & Development’ workshop this week. It was wonderful to meet those of you that could make it on the day, and for those that could not, I’ve provided the L&D Network with a link to a recorded version of it for you. However, as an overview, we covered the following…

Workforce Planning & Development

Whether you have a couple of employees or are a multi-national corporate, planning your workforce effectively can mean the difference between profit or loss for your business.

Workforce planning is about making sure our business has the capability and capacity to achieve it’s strategic objectives.  If we don’t have the right people in the right place at the right time, nor the resources required for them to conduct their roles safely and efficiently, we quite simply don’t have a business – at least not an effective or profitable one.

Staff turnover can cost us more than 150% of that individual’s annual salary, while training and retaining our staff correctly can increase our ROI by 7,000%.

Rhodes Business School - Advert 5Having an inadequately skilled workforce can cost us millions in injuries, deadline overruns and inefficient working practices; and therefore businesses of all sizes in every sector must take stock of the vital necessity to continuously conduct thorough workforce planning and development for the purposes of achieving the business imperatives.

The problem is, that in the few instances that it does happen, workforce planning and development tends to be left as an isolated and reactive activity within a training or HR department, when actually it is required to take place at a holistic organisational level as training is only a fractional component of the process.

Without a proactive whole-organisation understanding of the existing internal human capability and capacity, versus the future organisational requirements, we will forever be reacting to endless workforce gaps, surpluses and problems instead of building and nurturing a profitable, happy, and progressively effective workforce.

Having had over 10 years’ experience in the training, education and workforce development sector and have helped many organisations plan for their workforce needs; I have put together an online course (which was delivered as a live workshop on Monday) to help learning and development professionals, executive leaders, business owners and anyone else involved in the workforce planning and development process to understand the fundamental steps, sources of data collection and gap filling implementation strategies to effectively manage their current and future workforce needs and skills.

This is what we covered on Monday, and is also free for all of our network in the recorded workshop:

  • The fundamental principles and 5 stages of workforce planning & development
  • The 10+ vital functions and benefits of workforce planning and development
  • The 50+ methods and sources of data collection to find and anaylse your workforce gaps and deficits
  • The 8+ workforce issues faced by all businesses in every sector
  • How workforce planning completes a training needs analysis
  • The 8 essential workforce planning tools and assessments your business should be conducting
  • How to calculate your company turnover rate
  • The estimated rate of return on effective workforce planning and development
  • How to assess organisational skills gaps
  • To how address and fill identified organisational skills gaps
  • The 8 major stages to instructional design and development as a gap-filling strategy
  • The 7 steps for developing engaging training content that meets the principles of adult learning

Who is this course most suitable for?

  • Anyone involved in the planning and development of staff capability, capacity, recruitment and training
  • Any business that wants to be profitable through the effective management of their workforce
  • HR Managers
  • Training, Learning & Development Managers
  • Decision Making Staff and Managers
  • Executive Leaders and Business Owners
  • Any business with employees (large small, single office or multi-national/multi-locations)
  • Any industry sector
  • Training providers / Training organisations who tailor training services to clients’ workforce needs and skills gaps

This course/workshop normally sells for $149 per person but, as discussed, is FREE to you as members of our network.

Please kindly do not share this free link outside of this network, as this is my livelihood 🙂


About the Author/Presenter:

Sarah Cordiner is a multi-award-winning learning & development specialist in the field of ‘edupreneurism’, instruction design, tailored curriculum development, customisation/contextualisation, program delivery, and much more. She (and her company, Main Training) is a strategic partner of Australian L&D Network sponsor Rhodes Business School with whom she delivers Workshop Facilitation, Keynote Speaking, and Instructional Design services. For more information on Sarah’s workshop facilitation call 1300 746 287 or email – for information regarding instruction design, curriculum development, etc, services call 0427 816 457 or email

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