Brisbane L&D Network Session -12/02 – What is Online/Mobile learning?

What is online and mobile learning

Sam Russell

By: Sam Russell – January 2016

What’s this mobile learning stuff all about and who’s using it to do what?

Online learning (and more recently, mobile learning) has been promising a revolution in capability development for some years now and is playing an increasing part in learning and development programs. But what EXACTLY is online/mobile learning?

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It’s somewhat surprising to find that there is more than one opinion on what constitutes online learning and, perhaps more importantly, how we can use it to improve our learning outcomes whilst reducing costs.

We are therefore extremely excited to announce that Dawid Falck, Managing Director of the multi-award-winning online (and now mobile) learning programs company, BabbleWire Learning Group, will be presenting at the next Brisbane L&D Network morning tea, 8am-9.30am on Friday 12th February.

BabbleWire provides core services to many of Australia’s largest multinational corporates and over 60,000 people have been inducted and or trained using their online platforms.

In addition to his in-depth knowledge of (and experience in) online and mobile learning, Dawid promises a highly engaging session that will include:

  • What constitutes true online learning
  • An overview of what makes good elearning
  • How to implement interactive learning solutions without needing to completely redevelop everything
  • Emerging trends and new blended solutions

We look forward to a practical session that should give us all something to take away and implement immediately.

Date:  Friday 12th February 2016
Time: 08:00 – 09:30am

Saxons Training Facilities (Brisbane) – Level 11, 300 Adelaide Street, Brisbane

A light breakfast, tea and coffee will be provided.


This is a regular breakfast meeting hosted in a workshop style for Learning & Development Managers, or those working in a similar capacity. In addition to the workshop, this is a great opportunity for networking and sharing best practice with other L&D Managers from various businesses and industry sectors…we hope you can make it and join in…obviously feel free to forward this invite to anyone else you know in the L&D community.

Limited spaces available – email your details ASAP to to secure your place.

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