Free Session Video: Maximising Your Staff Training On A Minimum Budget

Maximising Training on a Minimum Budget

Sam Russell

By: Sam Russell – February 2016

A big thank you to everyone who attended the recent Australian L&D Network session in Perth ‘Maximising Your Staff Training On A Minimum Budget’ and an especially big thank you to Sarah Cordiner for developing and delivering it for us.

The session received excellent feedback and it seems that everyone went away with some great info/advice on ways that they could get more from their L&D budget.

If you missed the session, don’t stress, Sarah videoed it and has been generous enough to offer it to our members free of charge along with (for a limited time) a copy of her International Number 1 Best-Selling Amazon Kindle eBook on the same topic.

Click on the relevant link below to access the video or download the eBook (NB. You’ll need a login to access the site, however, simply entering your name and email address will generate an automatic login and give you immediate access):

  • For the session video click here
  • For the free Amazon Kindle eBook click here

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