Discounted Rewards Packs from Redii Exclusively for Australian L&D Network Members

Redii Rewards and Recognition Program

Sam Russell

By: Sam Russell – April 2016

By way of showing their support for The Australian L&D Network, Redii, the AMAZING employee recognition software providers who were born out of recognition industry leader and BRW Best Place to Work, RedBalloon, have, for a limited time, generously offered all of our members an exclusive, HUGELY discounted, rate of just $20 + p&p each (normal RRP $89 +p&p) for their Management Toolkits on orders of 100+ units.

Toolkit info (from the Redii website):

The Recognise Every Day (RED) Toolkit is a great way to add a physical, in-office presence to the Redii recognition experience, and gives you an opportunity to recognise people who aren’t users in Redii (e.g. interns, temporary employees or contractors). It’s also a quick and easy way to introduce recognition to your workplace. It offers a number of different options for quick and easy ‘personalised’ recognition, with a range of rewards. The RED Toolkit is:

  • full of recognition stationery, making it easy to grab, write and recognise,
  • useful for individuals or teams for peer-to-peer recognition, and
  • helpful for tracking who has been recognised outside the Redii platform.

To find out more about (or to order) the Redii Management Toolkit email Kylie at or click here – to find out more about the Redii organisation and services contact Kylie or click here.

To claim your member discount, simply quote ‘Australian L&D Network Discount’.

Please note: Stocks of the toolkit are limited so Redii and/or The Australian L&D Network cannot guarantee availability.

About the author:

Sam Russell is the Director of Client Services and Business Development for Rhodes Business School, widely recognised as one of Australia’s leading business and leadership training organisations and a premier sponsor of The Australian L&D Network and Learning Matters Magazine. Click here for more information or call 1300 746 287.

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