Code of conduct 

Whether interacting with group members on this site (in the form of written comments, etc) or at face-to-face events, The Australian Learning & Development Network expects all members to behave in a courteous and professional manner at all times.

‘Trolling’ – i.e. the use of inappropriate language (e.g. swearing, innuendo, aggression, slander, etc) or any form of discrimination, bullying, or harassment (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, etc) in any form (e.g. verbal, physical, electronic, etc) will not be tolerated and, dependent on the severity of the incident, perpetrators of such behaviour risk a warning and/or the termination of their membership of the ALDN.

The Australian Learning & Development Network reserves the complete and ultimate right to decide on membership status. In the event of a complaint about a member’s behaviour, all efforts will be made by the ALDN to thoroughly and fairly investigate the event/complaint and a decision will be made. The decision of the ALDN is final and no appeal or further communication will be entered into.

If you are aware of any inappropriate behaviour by an ALDN member (on an ALDN website/webpage or at an ALDN event), please contact us as soon as possible at or on 0412 299 181.


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